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JAPAN disasters curiously predicted by a 1995 card game ???

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HOW a simple card game,

published in 1995

predicted with such accuracy

what happened to Japan in exactly

MARS 2011 ???

Z Japan.jpg


Z combineddisasters2.jpg


Z atomicmonster.jpg



This card game, titled ILLUMINATI went public in 1995...and soon was censored

HOW the card game did predict the exact date and day of the JAPAN DISASTERS look closely at the card COMBINED DISASTERS, you'll notice the fall of a CLOCK TOWER...with the hour on it being 3 and 11, which is exactly the DAY of the QUAKE and the TSUNAMI .....

This card is part of the CARD GAME ILLUMINATIS published in 1995 ???

This CLOCK TOWER is the WACO TOWER in TOKIO ... no doubt about it !!!, see the photo of the real WACO TOWER and the one drawn on the card COMBINED DISASTERS...

Wako Clock Tower in Tokyo.jpg

Here is more, the ADDED DISASTER, as the rule of the game cuoncels is the ATOMIC MONSTER (clearly GODZILLA) that refers again to Japanese ; read how to play them cards, and you'll undestant that all this can not be a mere PREDICTION...but is more of a plan, that some people act and unfold...


Special mention,

in this card game called


(get the original published if you can)

there is ALSO the CARDS of the World trade Center, and of the Pentagone ATTACKS the 9 11 2001...plus much others cards about SUBPRIME CRISIS that have initiated the downfold of world wide economies, and favored some obscure banking systems, called BANKSTERS...(contraction of the words bankers and gangsters)

Strange for a card game issued publicly in 1995, prior to all these terrible events ??? 




All cards can be seen here :



You think this is all IMAGINATION ???

You think that Men are not as stupid as that and not able to do that ???







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